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Whale Watching Voyages

Cabo San Lucas is a worldwide hot spot for a Whale Watching Tour. Why? Because every year Humpback Whales travel to these warmer waters during the months of December thru April for breeding, giving birth and nurturing their young. Their migratory pattern is sometimes up to 16,000 miles each year making it the largest migratory pattern of any marine mammal on earth. Humpback Whales are known for their breaching, distinct surface habits and unique songs which makes them a favorite for ecoventurers all over the world.

All of our staff and captain are EFR (Emergency First Response) and RABEN (Mexico Whale Rescue Network for Entangled Whales) certified. Alongside of our professional locally trained guides take a speed boat ride and learn about these fascinating creatures on our Whale Watching Tour as they majestically launch themselves out of the water creating tremendous splashes and fantastic photo opportunities. You will also be able to hear them sing their unique songs with our state-of-the-art hydrophone.

Get to know Cabo San Lucus and our local eco system on our Whale Watching Tour through the eyes of our well informed, local guides. There are many special places here and whether it’s your first or 51st time here, you will enjoy our local wonders such as Lands End, The Arch, the Sea Lion Colony and Lovers’ Beach.

So, jump onboard our 28-foot inflatable Apex speed boat and set off on the adventure of a lifetime! For our Whale Watching Tour we have a Apex inflatable boat and they are specifically designed for marine mammal viewing, riding on top of the water instead of pounding through it. Making for a more peaceful and safe interaction with animals. With a maximum of 16 guests aboard our group sizes are smaller, so the experience is more comfortable for you and reduces the impact on the animals and the places we visit – something that is extremely important to us!

Why Baja Vikings Ecoventures?

-Local certified guides
-Whale sightings guaranteed or receive another trip on us
-Free Photos  
-The boat is custom made for Marine Mammal viewing 
-Hydrophone onboard to hear the Whales sing 
-Leave as part of the Viking family 



Up Close Whale Watching Tour 

Duration: 2.5 Hours
Adult: $85
Child: $49 (Ages 5-11)

On our Whale Watching tour experience the whales like never before! We pride our tours on being educational and fun! Get up close and personal by speed boat without causing stress or anxiety to the animals. Each Whale Watching Tour comes with a professional photographer that will send you home with priceless memories so you can relax and enjoy the show while we worry about the photos. Whale Sightings Guaranteed!

Whale Watching Tour & Snorkeling Combo

This tour combines our Whale Watching Tour with our Snorkeling Tour! Join us on our Whale Watching/Snorkeling Combo where you will get the best of both experiences. Set off for 2 hours of Whale Watching after which you will go to a snorkeling location where you will enjoy the abundance of marine life that the Sea of Cortez has to offer. Get geared up and enjoy an hour of snorkeling before heading back to the marina.

Duration: 3 Hours
Adult: $125
Child: $75 (Ages 5-11)
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Sunset Whale Watching 

Duration: 2.5 Hours
Adult: $85
Child: $49 (Ages 5-11)

The golden hour is one of the favorite times among visitors to Cabo San Lucas, so what better than to enjoy it while seeing the whales in the golden glow of sunset. The tour leaves the Cabo San Lucas marina at 3:30 pm just in time to see the whales and the sunset in all the magnificent glory. 

Open Ocean Marine Mammal Viewing

November 20th - December 14th
April 16th - April 30th
Duration: 2.5 Hours 
Adults: $85 
Children: $49 (Ages 5-11)

On our Wildlife Encounter get the chance to experience wildlife out in the open ocean from the safety of the boat. Take off on sight seeing ride through the bay to visit all the famous landmarks and photo opportunity at The Arch. Then set off on the speed boat ride in search of Pelagic Animals (Pelagic refers to any wildlife out in the open ocean) such as Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, Orcas and more. 

  • Maximum weight 265 lbs(120 kg)
  • Expectant mothers excluded
What's Included
  • Photos  
  • Water and Snack
  • Hydrophone
  • No charge for children under 5
What to Bring
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Light Jacket
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