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About Us

Baja Vikings Ecoventures is a family owned and operated ecotourism company with over 10 years experience in a variety of tourism activities. We provide a range of tours in Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding areas. Specializing in providing sustainable, unique, small group Whale Watching Voyages during the whale watching season (Dec – Apr), Snorkeling Expeditions, Open Ocean Safaris, Shark Snorkeling and Custom Scuba Diving Tours in Cabo San Lucas with bilingual (Spanish/English) captain and crew! Join us on one of our tours in Cabo San Lucas ‘Where Responsibility, Meets Adventure” on our custom 28 foot zodiac speed boat built for comfort, safety, speed!

Volunteers Cleaning Beach


As many of you probably have noticed our world is changing and Baja Vikings Ecoventures is an active part of this change during our tours in Cabo San Lucas and off of the tours. We are striving to educate others about the ocean, our planet and the things we can do to help protect them. We will not provide any plastic to you on our tours, we stand by our commitment to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’. At Baja Vikings Ecoventures “Where responsibility meets adventure” is more than just a slogan, it is our way of joining forces with you and other members of the community to raise awareness of environmentally responsible practices. Together we can make a difference.

Our Boat 

Hop aboard ‘Viking 1’ our customized 28 foot Apex rib inflatable speed boat used of all tours in Cabo San Lucas. This speed boat was designed specifically for comfort and speed, making it the ideal vessel for your inner Viking adventures! When designing the boat we made sure no detail was overlooked. Viking 1 comfortably seats 18 passengers and 2 staff members and is equipped with two twin 200 Yamaha engines so hang on to your hats with that 400 hp!

Have you ever struggled to get out of the water on a snorkeling or diving trip? With our custom step/platform and reinforced ladder getting in and out of the water is a breeze for people of all ages and skill levels!

If you’re a diver you might be asking yourself “where do the tanks go?” well, we thought of that too. Custom stainless steel racks able to hold up to 12 tanks have been intergraded into the back of the boat on either side and doesn’t allow any interference with other activities when not being used.

So come enjoy the speed boat ride and unleash your inner Viking explorer and come see what our tours in Cabo San Lucas have to offer!

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