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Snorkeling Excursions

Our snorkeling tour in Cabo San Lucas is fun and family oriented. Here at Baja Vikings Ecoventures we strive to provide safe and memorable experiences while leaving as little carbon footprint as possible. The Sea of Cortez is thought to be one of the richest and most diverse seas in the world. Jacque Cousteau called it “The Natural Aquarium of the World” and it is home to over 5,000 different types of marine invertebrate and over 900 species of fish! With our certified local snorkeling guides enjoy a speed boat ride while learning about our local ecosystem and famous landmarks such as The Arch, Lands' End, Lovers Beach and The Sea Lion Colony. With our small group sizes we go out and explore Snorkeling sites in the Sea of Cortez that are safe and uncrowded making a memorable snorkeling experience you will not forget.


For our snorkeling tour in Cabo San Lucas we use our custom 28 foot Apex speed boat that is built to travel with ease and comfort, gliding through the water with 400hp. The boat also features a custom step/platform and ladder that makes entering and exiting the water a breeze. Since we only take a small group of people snorkeling, we can provide personal assistance to those who may need it, and to those that may not feel as confident in the water. So, weather you have been snorkeling 100 times, never been snorkeling or aren't a strong swimmer, don’t worry, our certified snorkeling guides are specialized in helping you get in and out of the water and making your snorkeling tour in Cabo San Lucas fun and safe.

Snorkeling Tour in Cabo San Lucas

Duration: 3 Hours
Adult: $89
Child: $59 (Ages 5-11)

On our local snorkeling tour in Cabo San Lucas get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! The captain and guide will asses the daily conditions and pick a location best suited for the activity and least crowded. With our small group sizes we go out and explore Snorkeling sites in the Sea of Cortez that are safe and uncrowded making a memorable experience you will not forget.


Enjoy the speed boat ride along the picturesque coastline of Cabo San Lucas and then adorn your snorkeling gear and jump into the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez with your local guide where you will find an abundance of tropical fish, marine life and beautiful underwater scenery. 


Open Ocean Safari

Duration: 4 Hours
Adult: $145
Child: $90 (Ages 5-11)

Set off by speed boat from the Cabo San Lucas marina and get the chance to see and interact with the abundance of pelagic marine life that Los Cabos has to offer. The word Pelagic is relative to anything in the open ocean and here in Cabo San Lucas where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez we get many different migratory animals throughout the year, such as Mobula Rays, Whales, Turtles, Dolphins, Orcas, Sharks and more! On our Safaris we venture out into the ocean blue looking for wildlife and then you will have a opportunity to get your snorkel gear on and get in the water up close and personal with the magical creatures we find. Our mission is to get in the water safely and respectfully with all marine life and respect the surroundings.


Mobula Ray Snorkeling 

May - July 
Duration: 3 Hours
Adult: $125
Child: $75 (Ages 5-11)
Observer: $65 

Every year thousands of Mobula Rays migrate to Baja California Sur, it is the largest migration of rays on the earth. An event so amazing that it has been featured in BBC’s Blue Planet and in National Geographic documentaries. 

Mobula Rays glide through the water just below the surface making it perfect for snorkeling and free diving. Mobula Rays are also known for their incredible acrobats, leaping feet out of the water by the dozens. This behavior is where they get their nickname flying rays. 

This excursion is also great for observers and people that are not wishing to enter the water, passengers can take stunning pictures from the comfortability of the boat. 

  • Expectant mothers excluded
What's Included
  • Photos and Videos 
  • Water and Snack
  • Snorkel Gear 
  • No charge for children under 5
What to Bring
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
Pool Safety Rules
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