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You've got questions? We've got answers on all of our Los Cabos Water Activities 

When is the best time to see whales?

Officially whale watching season is from December 15 - April 15. The whales will start arriving in November but we are not allowed to approach them outside of the season. Since the whales come here to give birth and raising their young January and February are particularly good times to see the whales because the juvenile whales are very playful! Jumping and playing around like children! 

What is the water temperature in Cabo?

For all Los Cabos water activities the water temperature shifts pretty dramatically throughout the year. Warm water season starts in August and goes until February. During warm water season the temperature is an estimate 70-88 F (21-31 C). Cold Water season starts in March and ends in around July, temperature ranges from 55-70 F (12.5-21 C).

If I am not a certified diver can I still Scuba Dive?

YES! We have two full time PADI pros on staff. According to PADI you can participate in what is called ¨Discover Scuba Diving¨. That includes a quick class, practice session in the water and then a dive to 40 feet with the PADI professional. 

When is the best time to swim with and see the Mobula Rays?

Mobula Rays are visible in Los Cabos during the months of May - September. They Migrate here in the these months by the hundreds and sometimes thousands it is believed to follow the plankton, their favorite meal! It is also believed that they come into the waters of Baja California Sur it is said to mate and reproduce. 

Is it safe to swim with the Sharks?

Anytime you are in the water with wildlife there is a risk. You will never be in the water without a trained professional and we adhere to the highest safety protocols for swimming and snorkeling with Sharks.

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